Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 months worth of pics

Always trying to buckle the straps.

1st trip to the zoo. I am still bitter about the speeding ticket I got on the way there.

They fit just right in diaper boxes :-)

Uncle Dennis, Grannie, the boys and I in Estes Park

This toy is suppose to be for balls, not farm animals.

Mason is on top of the changing table and Judge is behind it...??? Not allowed!

In the drawer of the entertainment center...also not allowed...

Jeremiah's new favorite spot to sit

Mason and Jeremiah found a way out of their play yard and were causing trouble while I was in the shower. Again, not allowed

Jeremiah playing with the computer. What am I going to do...

Jeremiah, Mason and their cousin Charlie

The boys and our good friend, Wes (sorry ladies, he's a married man now ;-)

Me and my cousin Stephanie

Ivan and the kids

Handsome Dylan Mitchell, our nephew

Beautiful Natalie Mae, our niece


Judga and Mommy

Mason and Daddy

Jeremiah just after blowing a kiss