Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Jeremiah saw God!

So last night at the dinner table Jeremiah suddenly says, "Hey look! It's God!" Ivan and I looked behind us and didn't see anything. Judge says, "It's God and Jesus. Look! See over there? Right there!" He went on and on and looked where he was pointing like it was no big deal. Then Mason said, "Judge sees God and Jesus but I never do."

I just asked J if Jesus is here and he said, "He's not here but he is still on Earth." and M said, "No, he's not on Earth he is in outer space!"I fully believe that Jeremiah really saw them, in our house! Thank you Lord for that special devine moment!

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~j~ said...

What an awesome time to talk about the things of the Lord!!
So great to see you and Ivan last night. A blessing to have you all back in Cali!